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Diversity and inclusion in the workplace

SmartMe is a global company that wants to generate opportunities and conditions. It is necessary so that each person can develop their skills in an atmosphere offriendliness, respect and openness to others.


At SmartMe, therefore, we are committed to:

  • Promoting an internal culture of diversity, non-discrimination and equality respectful treatment.
  • Promote fairness of opportunity by valuing and evaluating people based on their merit, performance and commitment to generating value.
  • Adapt working conditions and workplaces, if necessary, to facilitate the gradual reception of persons with disabilities.
  • Continuously challenge selection and evaluation processes to facilitate meritocracy, attract, develop and retain talented people.
  • Form heterogeneous work teams, with people who share a common purpose and who constantly seek excellence.
  • Expand female participation at all levels and areas of the organization and
  • Increase local employment around our operations.
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SmartMe has a position of absolute intransigence towards any form of corruption, even against personnel of private companies. In this sense, the Company fully appreciates the commitment to guarantee actions and behaviours based exclusively on criteria of transparency, fairness and moral integrity, which prevent any attempt at corruption. This position helps to comply with the requirements of anti-corruption law and commitments to which the Company has voluntarily bound itself through the adoption of its Code. SmartMe’s commitment to anti-corruption prohibits Personnel, Partners, and, in general, anyone carrying out activities on behalf of the Company from requesting, promising, offering or receiving gifts or benefits, potential or actual, by or to parties outside the Company, be they public officials or public service officers, government representatives, public employees or private citizens, both Italian and other countries, such as to result in illegal conduct or, in any event, such as to be interpreted by an impartial observer, as seeking to obtain an advantage, even a non-economic one, which is considered relevant by the common practice and conviction, also understood as facilitation or guarantee of achievement, In any event, the benefits payable in the course of business activities. Each employee, director and executive, business partner and any other external ‘interested party’ shall be required to read, understand and apply the procedures and protocols of the anti-corruption management system and to behave in accordance with its provisions.


In order for this to be possible, it is necessary that all the organization knows and shares the Company Policy on Anti-Corruption Issues which is summarized in the following points:

  • Management commitment to prevent corruption by respecting the legislative compliance and the requirements of the anti-corruption management system.
  • Zero tolerance, appropriate procedures, active role of management, effective communication, constitute the framework for the definition and pursuit of improvement objectives.
  • Encouraging the reporting of suspected cases in good faith by ensuring the protection of the informant in all forms.
  • Sanction for any form of non-compliance with the procedures for preventing corruption and the contents of this company policy.
  • Assigning the role of Anti-Corruption Compliance Manager to an external resource with adequate status, authority and independence.
  • Commitment to the continuous improvement of the processes of management and prevention of corruption risks.


SmartMe promotes continuous training and learning processes, aimed at the professional growth of its employees and the growth of know-how within the company so that it can effectively respond to a constantly evolving market that requires a high level of qualification and continuous updates in terms of new hardware and software technologies.


We facilitate the achievement of these objectives through tools of deepening and professional and cultural update (specialized texts, courses and video) that allow you to get scores that translate into economic bonuses.

Gender Equality Plan

The Gender Equality Plan (GEP), specific for the rebalancing of gender equality, is the main tool, promoted by the European Commission, for influencing systematic institutional change by aiming at identifying practices that generate gender bias and recognizing innovative strategies to overcome distortions they linked.

SmartMe is currently preparing the GEP for the three-year period 2023/2026, which aims to be increasingly in line with the five fundamental pillars indicated by the European Commission in the “Charter for women and the strategic commitment for gender equality” drafted In 2010.

The document starts from a collection of suggestions from internal Stakeholders and aims to satisfy two main objectives:
– give continuity and coherence to the gender equality policies already undertaken by our company which has drawn up a Policy Company for some time in which it undertakes to combat all forms of discrimination, developing a climate of cordiality and respect as values perceived as fundamental and indispensable for all components of our Company;
– insert the Plan in the specific area in which the company operates in which there is a substantial deficit of female representation, a deficiency which is considered to be one of the determining factors in terms of economic development in terms of innovation and competitiveness on the scenario global, therefore the company intends to put the value of the person at the center and to facilitate the optimal expression of one’s abilities, thus contributing to the improvement of performance and to stimulate the identification of strategies for development and training of human resources.