SmartAir Lamp





SmartAir Lamp

The Smart lamp measuring air quality in an indoor environment

The SmartAir Lamp is an electronic device made by SmartMe, based on the Arancino architecture. It lights up in a different color depending on the air quality present in an indoor environment, following the official colors of the AQI (Air Quality Index). The device detects particles with high vapour pressure and low water solubility: VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

These include harmful substances that can cause long-term breathing problems, chronic respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. Based on these measurements, the SmartAir Lamp emits feedback in the form of a light warning to indicate the level of air quality.

Made with a recycled plastic casing, the SmartAir Lamp is a solution that aims to care for well-being inside homes and in working environments made in compliance with all the criteria of environmental sustainability.

Technical description

  • 3D printed coating with recycled plastic;
  • Logic board with architecture;
  • Ambient sensor;
  • RGB led strip.

The colors of the SmartAirLamp have the function of alerting about the conditions of the air inside the room in which it has been positioned. These are strictly related to a precise scale of IAQ values (Air Quality Index).