Why smartme

We are a company specialized in engineering and implementation of hardware and software systems based on Open Source IoT technologies for management and care of complex environments related to Industry and Agricolture 4.0 and SmartCities. Born as University of Messina’s Department of Engineering spin-off, we are nowadays a digital innovation company that collaborates with firms, administrations, universities and research centres worldwide


We are operating into the advanced infrastructures field based on Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, cloud and blockchain. We are able to horizontally intervene on any point of the system: from the single sensor to the software architecture for devices remote management, up to on-cloud data management.



SmartMe offers its support providing consulting, engineering and solutions for management and development of computerised systems within Smart Cities, Industry 4.0 environments and each company facing the digitalization challenge. SmartMe’s solutions are the most advanced possible to realize also in complex environments as municipalities, airports, stations, sport facilities, ecc.; places where monitoring, identification, traceability and safety have an increasingly crucial role to play.

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Inside Smart City projects, lot are the applications where we worked in: from smart public transport networks to water supply circuits and waste disposal facilities, from green mobility urban projects development to air and pollution degree monitoring, as long as land care for extreme climate events and hydrogeological risk.

We set ourselves as proven experience solution providers for all of those companies that are starting to deal with the digital transformation challenge. From PMI to big organizations, in SmartMe we offer know-how and consulting needed to identify the most sustainable and innovative solutions, the most appropriate devices and connection systems, data collection and analysis best edge and cloud platforms.

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We operate alongside agricultural sector companies willing to adopt digital tool and competences promoting the transition towards what we call Agriculture 4.0, fully respecting energetic and environmental sustainability. From agronomy to meteorology, from crop protection to agricultural engineering implementations: the application of IoT solutions and predictive/preventive maintenance applied to agricultural processes has the goal of granting a resources sustainable management, producing in a more efficient way with less consumption.