We are able to provide customized responses based on the specific needs of digitization by companies, utilities and public administrations. For each type of request SmartMe, thanks to the work of engineers and professionals, is able to carry out a preliminary feasibility study, perform a specific and thorough technical assessment, submit a complete operating proposal of timing and economic plan to start, subsequently, the prototype phase of the system, the grounding of the project and the installation of the devices. SmartMe also provides a technical support service that can intervene horizontally anywhere in the system: from the single sensor to the software architecture for remote management of devices, up to data management on the cloud. We have developed a predictive maintenance concept that can operate at both the edge and the cloud, detecting in real time even the smallest anomaly on the environment, system or individual sensor. We have always prioritized the Open Source approach, both in terms of software and data, and Open Hardware to allow our customers to integrate our solutions with those of third parties. Last but not least, we offer our customers the opportunity to manage and monitor directly and totally independently the data on their servers without being transferred elsewhere.

Hardware development & production

SmartMe offers consultancy, design and development services for the realization of hardware and embedded systems, realized in-site in the appropriate company production unit. Through an accurate analysis and a continuous comparison with the customer, we outline a product road-map, in which hardware development is the first essential step of the manufacturing project. At this stage, depending on what may be the structural needs and needs of the hardware, we identify the best possible solution in terms of flexibility and longevity.

The production takes place directly in our headquarters, and represents a significant advantage for customers in terms of speed, reliability, quality and uniqueness of the hardware cards used. Then we move on to the development phase that allows to realize the project as a full stack, and during which the hardware is completed by dedicated firmware and software designed for the specific use of the device.

Firmware development

SmartMe has the necessary know-how for design and configuration of dedicated firmware, that are those programs able to allow the functionality of all electronic devices, from sensors and serial buses to integration with graphic displays. The firmware, in fact, will play a pivotal role in the management of resources, memory, low-level communication channels, I/O, microprocessor or microcontroller.

In SmartMe, the firmware is taken care of and designed in an extremely meticulous manner in order to ensure the best possible support for both the hardware and the specific software that will be integrated into the device. The development of a customized firmware, in fact, with clear and well-articulated basic instructions, is a guarantee of performance optimization, scalability and efficiency of the entire system.

Software development

We design and develop software that ensures an intuitive, fast and reliable user interface. We take care of the graphic aspect to provide the customer a product with a unique and well-recognizable identity and that best suits the most advanced devices and the need for any technological upgrade.

The software developed by SmartMe, therefore, is always developed and optimized according to customer needs. An example is the fleet manager project, “compliant” and open source, designed to allow the remote management of multiple devices, in a horizontal and extremely practical way.

Among the technologies used J2EE, Nodejs, Angular in web development, Java, .NET and Matlab for desktop applications.

Cloud & Open Stack

The cloud is a paradigm of service delivery that allows you to complete a system’s framework of operation, consisting of multiple edge devices. The cloud, in fact, is necessary for the creation of a network for the storage of data, just as it is essential to view and control these same data from every single connected device. Not only that: the cloud becomes indispensable if you want to use algorithms of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Through a dedicated software, called Open Stack, SmartMe engineers are able to design cloud environments that provide extreme versatility in cross-platform use and flexibility in data access (time-series and NoSql databases) and control of individual system nodes.

A technology that allows the exchange of information with IoT devices regardless of their location, hardware, software and network configuration. Open Stack works only on Linux operating systems and has been released under the Apache license, which means that it is an open source project and that programs can be used for free without restrictions.