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Auroflex is a company based in Alcamo, which produces luxury adhesive labels on reels, in particular for the wine, beer & spirits sector. The company has always offered its customers customized consultancy, both on continuous orders based on large numbers and on more occasional requests relating to a few lots. For these customers, through the use of an Artificial Intelligence engine based on a machine learning system, SmartMe has developed a backend system for the automatic processing of estimates. In this way, the customer finds all the necessary answers to his needs directly on the website and can proceed immediately with the order.

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City of Milan

SmartMe contributed to the realization of the energy requalification project of public lighting systems and related smart services in the Lorenteggio district of Milan. The intervention had as its main objectives the reduction of consumption through the implementation of smart technologies and the creation of an integrated system based on a network of sensors, cameras and Open WiFi which have made the area a real smart district.


The main functions of smart street lights are as follows:


  • Self-regulated lighting based on various parameters or remotely adjustable by operators via a dedicated dashboard;
  • Open WiFi Milano for public and free internet broadcasting;
  • Cameras integrated with city video surveillance which, in full respect of citizens’ privacy, transmit live to the local police station in Milan;
  • SmartCams for video traffic analysis;
  • Various sensors for measuring different parameters (emissions, traffic, waste, etc.);
  • Smart microphones for recognizing disturbing noises at night.


All this information is displayed on a dedicated dashboard that operators use through specific credentials, with a different view based on their profile.


For Sacertis, a company that monitors large infrastructures, diagnoses and optimization of their stability and resilience, SmartMe has developed the software necessary for the so-called Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) and for communication between sensors and gateways for real-time data analysis. It is a decisive technology for the prevention of anomalies, unexpected shocks and/or slow-onset impacts on motorway viaducts, but also applicable to tunnels and large buildings.

Photo by Lorem Ipsum on Website
Photo by Lorem Ipsum on Website


For the Tecnokar group (production and distribution of semi-trailers based in Umbria) SmartMe has developed and implemented the innovative Tecnokapp solution, a complete platform that allows the management and activation of trailer functions in a completely safe way, improving procedures relating to fleet management and predictive maintenance.


Tecnokapp makes extensive use of the Arancino AI architecture and an Open Stack framework that allow both to start the trailer management functions and to monitor the trailer’s operational status in real time, acquiring information from third-party ABS and EBS systems, sensors and actuators installed on the trailers.