Our Services

Cloud & OpenStack

Based on our long-standing experience managing OpenStack-based large projects, we provide Design, Consulting, Development, Setup, and Deployment services for private and hybrid clouds.

Internet of Things

We are the first developers and mantainers of Stack4Things, an OpenStack-based IoT framework that brings to connected Devices the elastic power and openess of OpenStack solutions.

Embedded systems

We are able to provide full stack solutions from Hardware Design to Software, Firmware and Application Design and Development. Our solutions can run on top of the best off-the-shelf embedded systems on the market as well.

Open Source and Open Hardware

We provide Technical Consulting and Development services on Open Source and Open Hardware technologies such as Linux, Android, Arduino and OpenWRT.

What the Press says about us

“we also talk about artificial vision and the application of a young start-up SmartME.IO, spin off of the University of Messina, to count people or detect abnormal behavior in public environments”

Allevamenti smart, visione artificiale e il PC industriale di Texa


“using readily available software and sensors, these ancient Italian towns are joining the ranks of the world’s techiest cities”

Sicily s smart cities show it s getting easier to get smart


“Sicily is working to become home to some of the world’s truly smart cities: A place that keeps its streets clean by alerting the sanitation department when public garbage bins are full”

These smart cities in Italy put Silicon Valley to shame


“a single point of access for a platform able to give real-time information on environmental parameters, roadway pits, free parking spaces and more”

Mezzogiorno e tech, prove tecniche di Messina Valley


“The #SmartME solution makes the objects present in the city take on an active role and makes them interact with each other, according to the IoT paradigm, Internet of Things”

Legambiente premia a Ecomondo le 22 Buone Pratiche di Ecosistema Urbano 2017


“the messinese SmartME.Io, which created a platform connected to a network of widespread sensors installed in the urban area”






Latest news

The #SmartME project conquers Turin… and more

The #SmartMe solution for the management of a smart city, initially developed in Messina, will soon be adopted also by the cities of Turin, Lecce, Syracuse and Padua. Turin with the project “TOO (L) SMART: tools for the informed and inclusive management of urban policies for Smart Cities” was judged to be the best among […]

Good urban ecosystem practices. Awarded #SmartME

Researchers at the University of Messina among the 22 Italian virtuous examples at the Fiera di Rimini. There was also the mayor Accorinti Legambiente, with the support of Fater and Iterchimica, and in collaboration with Ecomondo, has rewarded the most dynamic, innovative and above all sustainable and environmentally friendly cities, based on the common thread […]

Closes Smau 2017, SmartMe.IO wins the Lamarck Award

26 October 2017 – SmartMe.IO archives with great satisfaction its first participation in Smau Milano. For the young Sicilian company specializing in the development of products that combine IoT’s open and low cost technologies with the cloud based on the OpenStack platform, the opportunity to present itself to the general public of professionals as an […]

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  • Giovanni Merlino giovannimerlino presenta Stack4Things allOpenStack Days 2018 di Roma
  • SmartMeIO attended 2018 IEEE Cybermatics Congress in Halifax Canada WirelessSensorNetwork
  • Siamo presenti al workshop tematico sul settore automotive smartme strettoincarenaunime
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