Stack4Things® is the open source software stack for remote management of Cloud devices, communication, data visualization and Machine Learning for predictive maintenance.

Stack4Things® is an open source project that allows you to manage fleets of IoT devices without worrying about their physical location, their network configuration, and their underlying technology. It is a cloud-oriented horizontal solution that provides virtualization, personalization and orchestration of IoT objects, offering an immediate experience on some of the most popular embedded and mobile systems.

Stack4Things® has been developed to be “compliant”, ie conforming to the services of OPENSTACK.

Tecnichal Specifications

  • Stack4Things is an open-source project that allows the management of remote IOT devices without the need to have knowledge of their network configuration (with or without firewall) and the hardware technology used..
  • Provides an out-of-the-box experience for the most popular embedded systems and mobile systems.
  • Developed in NodeJS and Python.
  • It consists of a server part (cloud-side): Iotronic, a client part (device-side): Lightning-rod (LR) and a management web interface
  • The communication channel between Iotronic and the various LR instances is based on the WAMP protocol, managed on the cloud side by a Crossbar.IO (autobahn library) instance.

Getting Started

It’s possible to install the Lightning-rod application both on the Raspberry PI compute module and on the Ubuntu OS in the following ways:

Code Installation: 


Docker Installation:

IoTronic installation and configuration procedure si available at

Contact for more Informations

    Using this module you accept the storage and management of your data from this website.