Smart Air Lamp

The SmartAirLamp is an electronic device made by smartme.IO®, based on the ™ architecture and the LoRaWAN® communication system, which lights up in a different color according to the air quality of the surrounding environment.

It consists of a 3D printed plastic case of dimensions (118×104 mm) whose main internal component is the™ mignon electronic board (vers.1.3).

In addition to the arancino board, there is a Nano LoRa click module, an environmental sensor, a 24 RGB LED crown, a LoRa wireless module and a 4G PCB antenna (for LoRa data transmission).

The weather sensor records the temperature, pressure, humidity and VOC data and sends them to the microcontroller present in the mignon.

The microcontroller through the LoRa® module sends the score from the sensor to the gateway, and processes it by transforming it into a color code, which it sends to the ring RGB LED (which consequently changes color or rotates based on this code).

In particular, the following cases are distinguished



  • Internet Of Things (IoT)
  • Smart Cities
  • Environmental Safety 
  • Long Range Communication System

Key issues

  • LoRaWAN® Technology
  • Remote management

Tecnichal Specifications


  • ARM Cortex M0+ running at 48MHz
  • Flash: 256kB
  • SRAM: 32Kb


  • Power supply: 5V DC
  • Power consumption: (3A) alim. 5V
  • Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
  • Output Power RF: +14 dBm / +18 dBm (with PA boost)  
  • Dimentions: (118×104) mm
  • Weight: 180g


  • LoRaWAN®: Spread Spectrum, FSK, GFSK, 868MHz to 915MHz
  • Output power: +18 dBm (~80 mW, for US)  or +14 dBm (~25 mW, for EU)
  • Crypto unit: microchip ATECC608A

Main components

  •™  Mignon 1.3 board
  • Nano LoRa® Click
  • Weather Click
  • LoRa® PCB Antenna
  • Ring 24xRGB Led

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