The project comes from the experience in the Arduino world combined with the university experience. From this union of skills we are creating a new product for the needs of anyone who needs special tools not otherwise available on the market. It will be highly customizable and feature-rich, designed to be easily used, even […]


SmartMeCam is a combined hardware / software solution that can recognize and analyze objects in a generic video stream, even in real time, and may also interface with an existing network of cams. Even in standalone mode, SmartMeCam lends itself to applications in challenging environments, such as airports, stations, or large public places, when it […]


Stack4Things is an OpenStack-based Internet of Things framework developed by the Mobile and Distributed Systems Lab (MDSLab) at the University of Messina, Italy. Stack4Things is an open source project that helps you in managing IoT device fleets without caring about their physical location, their network configuration, their underlying technology. It is a Cloud-oriented horizontal solution […]