SmartMe.IO arrives at Smau 2017

SmartMe will also be present at the 54th Smau Milano. The Sicilian startup hosted at the stands of Intel and the Region of Sicily will present to the public SmartMeCam, the hardware and software solution able to recognize, count and monitor, even in real time, the elements present in a generic video stream

20 October 2017 – SmartMe, a young Sicilian company specializing in the development of products that combine IoT’s open and low cost technologies with the cloud based on the OpenStack platform, was invited to participate in Smau 2017, scheduled from 24 to 26 October, as an innovative startup.

During one of the Smau Live Shows, scheduled during the kermesse, for which the live streaming is also planned, will tell its own story and present its work, to then participate in a networking event aimed at encouraging the knowledge between demand and supply of innovation.

SmartMe products and solutions will be hosted in the pavilions of Intel, which will participate in the event with a focus on Industry 4.0 and its specific declinations – IoT, cloud, augmented reality, big data, smart manufacturing – and will set up a showcase area in which will be presented the most innovative solutions in these areas that take advantage of Intel technology.

At Smau 2017 SmartMe will be pleased to present the SmartMeCam – Security Identification Monitoring solution to an audience of insiders and technology control enthusiasts.

SmartMeCam is a hardware and software solution able to recognize, count, monitor, even in real time, the elements (for example objects, people or vehicles) present in a generic video stream.

The system is based on an Intel microprocessor, which provides the resources necessary for the deep learning algorithm on which the artificial intelligence software is based and can be integrated and acquire and process images with a camera or interface with a network of cameras already existing.

With a focus on privacy and security, SmartMeCam can also operate in standalone mode by not transferring any frame to the outside and by performing the analysis of the video stream locally.

Always active monitoring, identification and traceability functions can make complex environments such as airports, stations or large squares safer and provide statistical information on the number of people present, their movements, the position and therefore the areas in which they stop, the windows that observe, the status of the queues.

Carpool @ Unime was born in the Department of Engineering of the University of Messina thanks to a crowdfunding initiative to finance a project called #SmartME first, then in its evolved and definitive form CarPooling @ Unime.

The project CarPooling @ Unime, selected among the seven finalists of the G7 of Transport in Cagliari, is an application that allows users to contact each other to share private transport vehicles to move to and from the different poles of the University and provides a small reimbursement in complementary currency: the UniMeCoin. The use of the UniMeCoin complementary currency contributes to the creation of a small fund managed by the University which, on the basis of a periodic voting system distributed among users, is devolved from time to time to various charitable initiatives.