Environment station

Environmental Station

SmartMe.IO SME-ES-01 Environmental Station allows the measurement of environmental parameters such as: temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, air quality: particles (PM1/PM2,5/PM10) and weather: rain, wind direction and speed.

arancino.cc architecture™ with Open Source operating system arancino.cc™ OS.

SME-ES-01 uses WiFi and on-demand 3G/4G/LTE and/or LoRa® (LoRaWAN™ Class A connectivity).
The environmental station is fed with a continuous voltage at 12V.
IP65 encapsulation 330x250x130mm

Temperature, Humidity, Pressure

  • Operation:-40‒+85 °C, 0‒100% r.H., 300‒1100 hPa
  • VDD: 1.71 V to 3.6 V
  • VDDIO: 1.2 V to 3.6 V
  • Current consumption: 2.1 to 1 Hz humidity and humidity
    Temperatures, 3.1 to 1 Hz pressure and temperatures,
    3.7 to 1 Hz humidity, pressure and temperature,
    0.09-u201212 mA per p/u/T/ dependd. operating mode, 0.15 To sleep mode.
  • Humidity Sensor Parameters: Response Time
    (0-63%) – 8 s, tolerance :3% r.H., hystericals – 1.5% r.H.
  • Pressure Sensor Parameters: RMS Noise 0.12 Pa,
    Equiv. 1.7 cm, Temperature Coefficient of Offset :1.3
    Pa/K, equiv. 10.9 cm per change of 1 c

Weather: Anemometer, Wind vane, Pluviometer

  • wind wave
  • Cup anemometer
  • Rain indicator
  • Two-part assembly tree
  • Rain gauge mounting arm
  • Wind meter mount bar
  • 2 mounting clamps
  • 4 x bands

Air quality (PM1/PM2.5/PM10)

  • Real-time response
  • Power: 5V continuous
  • Laser scattering principle based
  • Measurement range 0.3-1.0;1.0-2.5;2.5-10-m
  • Passive/active digital output
  • Efficiency in the count 50%-0.3-m 98%->-0.5-m
  • Resolution 1 g/m3


  • Noise level
  • Brightness, solar radiation
  • Gas Sensors (eg. O3, CO, CO2, etc.)
  • Others on demand

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