About us

Far far away, in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, between Scylla and Charybdis, far from the Silicon Valley and Boston, far from London and Berlin, far from New York and Los Angeles, far from  Tel Aviv and Singapore, far from Shanghai and Tokio… there lives the team.

SmartMe.IO is a creative, passionate and skilled workplace, where knowledge is the tool to take unexpected steps:
a place where it is possible to “Reinvent the wheel”.

SmartMe.IO designs and implements products combining open source and low-cost IoT technologies with OpenStack-based Cloud technologies.

SmartMe.IO provides best-in-class solutions for Metering, Devices and Fleet Management, Monitoring, Crowdsensing and other aspects related to Smart Environments, and addresses the requirements of municipalities, utilities, companies operating in  challenging environments, such as airports and stations, interested in identification facilities, traceability, safety and video surveillance.

Company Policy

Diversity and inclusion policy

We are a global company that seeks to generate the opportunities and conditions necessary for each person to develop their skills in an atmosphere of cordiality, respect and openness.

Therefore, we are committed to:

  • Promote an internal culture of diversity, non-discrimination and respectful treatment.
  • Promote equity of opportunity, valuing and evaluating people based on their merits, performance and commitment to generate value.
  • Adapt conditions and jobs, if necessary, to facilitate the gradual incorporation of persons with disabilities.
  • Continuously challenge selection and evaluation processes to facilitate meritocracy, attract, develop and retain talented people.
  • Form heterogeneous work teams, with people who share a common purpose and who constantly seek excellence.
  • Expand female participation at all levels and areas of the organization and increase local employment around our operations.