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We enable people to reshape the world, making it smarter, more open, accessible, sustainable, and secure. We help to reinterpret any-thing in a better way… until we get to the wheel ;)
Through IoT and Cloud technologies.


Stack4Things is an IoT resource management framework for OpenStack Clouds

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#SmartME is a crowdfunded project aiming at morphing Messina into a Smart City

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SmartMe.IO is an academic spin-off from the University of Messina

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Combining open and low-cost IoT technologies with industrial-strength, scalable, and robust OpenStack clouds, we provide best-in-class solutions for Metering, Devices and Fleet Management, Monitoring, Crowdsensing, and other aspects of Smart Environments.

Cloud & OpenStack

Based on our long-standing experience managing OpenStack-based large projects, we provide Design, Consulting, Development, Setup, and Deployment services for private and hybrid clouds.

Internet of Things

We are the first developers and mantainers of Stack4Things, an OpenStack-based IoT framework that brings to connected Devices the elastic power and openess of OpenStack solutions.

Embedded systems

We are able to provide full stack solutions from Hardware Design to Software, Firmware and Application Design and Development. Our solutions can run on top of the best off-the-shelf embedded systems on the market as well.

Open Source and Open Hardware

We provide Technical Consulting and Development services on Open Source and Open Hardware technologies such as Linux, Android, Arduino and OpenWRT.


Far far away, in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, between Scylla and Charybdis, far from the Silicon Valley and Boston, far from London and Berlin, far from New York and Los Angeles, far from Tel Aviv and Singapore, far from Shanghai and Tokio… there lives the team.


Antonio Puliafito

R&D, Dissemination

Full professor at the University of Messina, Italy. Shaping the future for a better world of connected people and smart objects.


Dario Bruneo


Embedded system enthusiast, he likes to understand every single bit to put intelligence into everyday life objects.


Francesco Longo

R&D, SW Architect

Sci-fi and fantasy fan, his dream is to use a bunch of technologies and some good ideas to let anything around us work like magic.


Giovanni Merlino

R&D, SW Architect

Tinkerer, all-round curious dude: interested in Cloud, IoT, AI and all things automation, because it makes him believe he is in control.


Salvatore Distefano


He likes to do crazy things randomly mixing imagination, technologies, and a bit of science: let’s hope it does not explode!


Angelo Zaia

R&D, Business Developer

Curious, Maker and Engineer. He is interested on how IoT and Cloud technologies can improve our life on uninvestigated aspects.


25 Nodes
150 Sensors
7398150 Records
21600 Records/day

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