The #SmartME project conquers Turin… and more

The #SmartMe solution for the management of a smart city, initially developed in Messina, will soon be adopted also by the cities of Turin, Lecce, Syracuse and Padua.

Turin with the project “TOO (L) SMART: tools for the informed and inclusive management of urban policies for Smart Cities” was judged to be the best among those presented to the Open Community PA 2020 – Pon Governance 2014-2020 and, for the its realization, assures to Turin and to the other urban centers involved (Lecce, Padua and Syracuse) a total financing of 680 thousand euros.

What does “TOO (L) SMART” consist of? It is a project aimed at the implementation and dissemination of “#SmartMe“, a good practice developed by the University of Messina for the city of the Strait, which has allowed the creation of a widespread network of sensors useful for collecting data on the physical environment urban (for example, to obtain information on noise and noise pollution, on traffic, on waste collection, on safety and on tourist services, etc.) and to encourage greater interaction between technologies, citizens and the public administration.

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