Good urban ecosystem practices. Awarded #SmartME

Researchers at the University of Messina among the 22 Italian virtuous examples at the Fiera di Rimini. There was also the mayor Accorinti

Legambiente, with the support of Fater and Iterchimica, and in collaboration with Ecomondo, has rewarded the most dynamic, innovative and above all sustainable and environmentally friendly cities, based on the common thread that binds the good practices and good ideas of the Urban Ecosystem 2017. He did so in Rimini, at the International Fair for the recovery of materials and energy and sustainable development, where he was also the mayor Renato Accorinti.

These are 22 virtuous examples, implemented by administrations, associations or citizens, and which embrace many themes and sectors.

Award also for #SmartME, the Internet of Things and Places, the result of the work of researchers at the Mobile and Distributed Systems Lab of the University of Messina, in collaboration with the Industrial Liason Office and the University Information Center. The #SmartME solution makes the objects in the city take on an active role and makes them interact with each other, with the citizens and with the public administration according to the IoT paradigm, Internet of Things. #SmartME foresees the creation of an IoT infrastructure through the installation of hundreds of sensors and actuators in different points of the municipal territory and the development of an open data platform able to collect data from this infrastructure, process them and use them to create citizenship services.